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Search videos as you type, just type in artist name and click 'only' to get his tracks streamed from Youtube. If interested in similar artists - click "similar".

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Watch videos of your favorite artists, music and more in just one website. Instant Tube Master provides you the latest or most viewed video of your search choice. Don’t need to get all work up because this website is so easy to use. All you need to do is just type in the search box. You will notice as you go on typing each letter it immediately do it search and a new video loads until you are done. Top five videos from YouTube™ that is related to the search term will be provided and will play automatically from one video to the next. Share these videos to your love ones. Below we provided the link and embed code so you post it in your website, blog or any of your social media account. It’s so easy to use. Tell others about this great website and your experience by making it viral. Share by choosing thru the social media website we provide. Have fun watching!!!