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Jennifer Lopez or J.Lo is an admirable woman wherein every woman wants to be like her or even half of being her. She is very successful not only in her singing, dancing, acting, being a producer, fashion designer, author and business career.

She didn’t become famous in just one snap of the finger. She became interested in being in the industry of entertainment in 1986 with a minor role in the film of My Little Girl. But the movie of Selena is her first leading role in 1997. In this movie she already let the audience see what she can do not only acting but also singing and dancing. If you watch this movie you can see that she is really very talented.

When she released her album it was a sure hit and she became more famous. All her music video is all amazing. Once you listen to her music either you will dance along with it or feel emotional if it is a love song. She has been in the Billboard charts for the past years.

Do you have particular music video of her that you love? I guess you can’t pick your favorite one because almost all of her video can be your favorite videos. Each has its unique style and different themes.

Among my favorite music video of her is I'm Real, Ain't It Funny, If You Had My Love, All I Have feat. LL Cool J, On The Floor feat. Pitbull, Love Don't Cost A Thing, Jenny From The Block feat. Styles & Jadakiss, I'm Gonna Be Alright feat. Nas, Waiting For Tonight, Get Right and many more.

So what is your favorite music of J.Lo?