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Hey have you heard about kpop? Kpop or also known as Korean Pop is a genre of music that originated at South Korea which has different variety of elements of audiovisual. It is a pop music in their country that has pop ballad, dance pop, rock, electronic, metal, R&B and hip-hop music.

Kpop is not only popular in their country but also to other country not only in Asia continent but around the world.

If you don’t have an idea what is this you can start searching videos from different famous kpop stars. Among the popular that you can start searching are those boy or girl group. For the boys’ side are Big Bang, Super Junior, Shinee, EXO, Beast and still more. And for the girl group there are 2ne1, Girls Generation, 4Minute, FX, Miss A and more.

Decide which you want to search and watch video and once you have chosen you can see how unique and eye catching there music videos are and to listen. Not only that their names are unique but each group have its own style may it be sexy, manly, rough or others they can surely attract audience not only in Korea but also other part of the world.

But before there becomes one of the popular kpop stars they have to undergo trainings and when you say training we are not saying just for a few weeks or months but years depending on your capability. If you are hardworking you might achieve your goal in a shorter time. They will be trained from singing, dancing and acting.