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Music Video

Almost everyone knows what a music video is. Music video is some kind of a short film of a song with the help of great imagination. With this it can help an artist’s promote his or her songs to the public. If the song has a great music video it can also catch a great number of audiences. It is also a plus factor for a great music to have a great music video.

Music videos can be done in different ways and styles. It can be filmed live action, animation, abstract film or a documentary. Aside from filming it in a storyline that is made, a live performance of the artists can also be used in music videos.

Budget for this kind is depending on the project on how to make it. Some say that the most expensive music video that was produce was from the Michael and Janet Jackson that was directed by Mark Romanek, “Scream”. If you have not seen this just in case you are from the audience in the new generation you better watch this and see how this is one of the most expensive one that is produce. This is not just an ordinary video where you can just film in a certain location or setting. Computers and other hi-tech equipment are needed to do this outer space kind of video. Other artists that has produce expensive music video is Madonna, Britney Spears, Kanye West, Guns N’ Roses and many more.

Music videos that has a great storyline are much more appreciated by viewers even it has a low budget making it.