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The Virtual Band

One of the unique music video that one can watch is Gorillaz. If you have seen their music videos you will know why they are unique. They are not your ordinary band that you normally see or watch. Normally you will see real people singing performing but with them they are animated.

The virtual band Gorillaz was created by Damon Albam and Jamie Hewlett in 1997. This is consisting of four band members which are fictional animated. In vocals/keys is 2D, bass guitar is Murdoc Niccals, Percussion is Russel Hobbs and the lead guitar is Noodle.

As you listen and watch their videos you will notice the genre of their music is some kind of dance music of 80's that has a strong influence from electro, pop, dub and hip-hop. However even this is animated the band is not marketed for young children more for adult especially with whatever the outcome of their music video is a bit disturbing for young children.

Even they are animated characters the first album that they release in 2001 Gorillaz had sold copies over 3 million and because of this they have earned an entry as the Most Successful Virtual Band in the Guinness Book of Records.

With their first single that was released in 2001 of March 5, “Client Eastwood” it put the band in global spotlights. This single had become a smash hit. Other singles aside from Client Eastwood are "Tomorrow Comes Today","19-2000" and "Rock the House". Their music videos are unique because it has surreal and sometimes has bizarre and dark storylines and imagination.